Today my post will unite many of my daily passions. For about eight years I have worked as a model. Whenever I got the chance I always tried to reconcile my activities in the fashion world with a passion that began in childhood, classic ballet. And for about two years I started practicing Yoga, then my life took other paths and today I dedicate most of my time to my daily practice and the classes I teach. But I love when I have the opportunity to combine my work as a model with my other activities.

The case of this beautiful work that I would like to show you guys is the brand Tiwa Dancewear, which belongs to a friend of mine, a wonderful dancer who has danced for many stages and today is also dedicated to dressing dancers around the world. The brand has existed a long time, but only now have they decided to invest in a real campaign and I was very happy with the invitation to be the model. During the trials of clothes we started talking about yoga and the idea of ​​also making a collection dedicated to this practice.


So the result of this work is here for you to see. I also want to use this post to talk about the ideal clothes to practice yoga. As a rule there is no “right clothes” to practice, unlike ballet, which in most schools requires some rules (tights, pantyhose and skirts). For Yoga the right outfit is the one that you feel comfortable making your moves. I like to practice with lighter fabrics, because the practice of Ashtanga often makes us sweat, and tight clothing to the body, which does not hinder the fluidity of movement. In the days of more intense heat, I opt for tops and leggings or overalls. But the most important thing is you feel comfortable and do not let the clothes become an obstacle for the practice.

Fusao 6 01

Fusao 6 02

If you want to contact the brand or find out more, just access their Facebook page.

Hope you liked!