A couple of weeks ago, Joyce and I spent a long weekend in Warsaw. Probably, for most of you, Warsaw doesn’t sound immediately like an attractive or charming city! Although, a lot of things are happening these days in Warsaw! Poland’s capital city – often called mini-Berlin – is rapidly changing and hosting a lot of Hipster Hotspots! Joyce and I didn’t need more for a take off!

When visiting Warsaw you should keep in mind their history, otherwise you will feel like it is at some point a grey and kind of strange city. After World War II, the capital city of Poland was really left in ruins, so Warsaw struggled in past years but eventually rose from the ashes of WWII and the harsh Soviet regime. So – looking with the right open eyes – Warsaw nowadays has a lot of things to offer with its rich history, beautiful architecture, a lot of green throughout the city, fine and cheap dining and hipster hotspots rising all over the place.


Read all about our 7 Warsaw tips for a long weekend in Poland’s Capital city!

  1. The old town

The historic centre and oldest part of Warsaw is really pretty! It was granted the status of a UNESCO World heritage site. It’s a lovely place, but really not too crowded and ideal to spend time walking and seeing some culture – take some time to visit the Royal Castle, the market square, the defensive walls, and the monument of the Warsaw mermaid, among others.

  1. Panorama bar

Classy bar, situated at the 40th floor of the fancy Mariott Hotel. Enjoy the spectacular Central Warsaw view by night and the delicious cocktails! Must see!

wasJerozolimskie 65/79, Warsaw

  1. Beach life at the riverside

Poland’s longest river, the Vistula (Wisla) runs trough the city! Very hip and happening are the beaches and beachbars at the riverside. They pop up every summer and are becoming very popular for hanging around, sports and events. Enjoy some beach life in the city!

  1. City view from the palace of culture and science

It’s the first remarkable building when entering the city. It’s called ‘a gift’ of Stalin to the people of Poland and, by that, remains a great example of Soviet architecture. You should really get up to the 32nd level, to take a wide view over the city. There’s a really nice athmosphere around the building where people gather, lay in the sun and take a break from their city visit.

  1. Money Money Money…

In Warsaw prices are overall lower than in Belgium or the Netherlands, especially for food and drinks! But although Poland is a member of the Europian Union, in Poland they still use Zloty’s (Poland isn’t a euro member). Avoid changing money in the Old town, and instead use an ATM (there are plenty in town) to get cash.

  1. Breakfast, lunch or apéro @ CUD MIOD

Situated close to our hotel we quickly discovered CUD MIOD. We kept on going there several times during our weekend because of the cosy terrace, good variety of Polish and other (Italian, burgers…) food, great wine and really fair prices! Good idea for breakfast or lunch!

ul.Nowogrodzka 56, Warsaw

  1. Shopping

You really feel the big city life when you go on a shopping trip in Warsaw. With its big western shopping malls like Zlote Tarasy, you will definitely find what you are looking for in Warsaw. We managed to stop at Levis, Sephora, Louis Vuitton, Victoria Secret, among many others.

Złota 59 Street , 00-120 Warsaw

Have some big city fun in Warsaw! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions when planning a trip!