It’s December, the time of the year you prepare yourself for a good TV show. Get some cheese, chips, wine and settle in front of the TV. The annual Victoria’ Secret show starts. The only time a year when your boyfriend doesn’t mind watching a fashion show. For a short time: I find myself in bikini heaven… And then I look down and start to realize: Damn, I got to get of this couch and move my ass.

Can you relate to that?

I can! Sure everyone knows the Angels and the show. (I do not mean Charlie’s Angels). But to quickly introduce the show to those who have lived under a rock. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has developed itself and over the years and it has become the biggest fashion show in the world. Millions of people, men, women and children watch that show, full of spectacle and fun. By watching the Victoria’s Secret show, becoming an angel, all of a sudden turns out to be my biggest dream. Or at least, getting that body is priority number one. I start to schedule my workouts, only buy healthy food and get focused.

But seriously, who am I kidding?

I love that show, I love the models and the Victoria’s Secret bikinis, but those girls are models. Sure, we all need to set some goals while working out but let’s be realistic. Not all of us are blessed with the genes the Victoria’s Secret models have. A lot of the Angels are extremely fit. They work out 5 times a week a couple of times a day and eat healthy to get that fit body. Its their fulltime job, to stay fit, healthy and in shape. They are athletes.

So, no crash diets, but healthy food and exercise are key!

We need to set goals that are reachable. And that’s different for everyone. Set a goal that you find reasonable. Cause when you start out with a goal that’s actually achievable, you stay motivated. Write down what you want to achieve and keep that in mind when you go grocery shopping. Or, keep it in mind when you decide to stay home and watch a movie because it’s raining… Start to workout. No time, is no excuse. One hour is only 4% of your day.

Become an angel, with your own goals.

Find yourself a buddy to go workout with. Motivate each other and make it a weekly routine. When you start, find a good combination of strength and cardio. You need strength training to build muscle, which helps you shape your body and burn calories. (Even when resting). A cardio workout helps you to get your body burning calories and actually lose weight. The combination of these two do the trick.

Embrace every progress you make and keep in mind: It takes time to get in shape!

In my next blog I will give you some workout advice and tell you which Instagrammers to follow for getting fit inspiration!


Foto: Kou Art