Volendam is a town in the province ‘Noord-Holland’ and is known for the high number of tourists who come to check this town out every single year. It’s a fishers town where you can really enjoy the original Dutch ‘feeling’ because of the long forgotten original costumes, the fish stands, the ‘poffertjes’ stands, the ‘stroopwafel’ stands, the cheese factory,  the many souvenir shops, the boat trips and so much more. It is so much fun to go here for some small afternoon sightseeing! Even for us Dutchies!

If you feel like visiting Volendam, you should definitely consider doing these Dutch things:

  • Let your picture taken in original Dutch clothing in one of the many photo studios, so funny!
  • Visit the ‘Palingsoundmuseum’
  • Visit the ‘Volendamsmuseum’
  • Have a fish dish at a fish stand! Personally I would recommend a ‘broodje paling’, it’s a white bun with eel and if you feel like going ‘all the way’ some unions and sour sauce! Yum!!
  • Take a bite of a delicious ‘stroopwafel’ of some ‘poffertjes’! hmmmm
  • Have a look in one of the many many souvenirs shops – I bought some wooden tulips, I just love them!!
  • Visit the Cheesfactory and don’t forget to taste some cheese!
  • Buy tickets for a boat trip to the peninsula ‘Marken’ which is nearby!

A lot of Dutch singers are born in Volendam so there is a fair change that you will run into a famous Dutch person! Which is always a cool thing! Unfortunately I did not spot one last time 😉

Volendam is about a +/- 30 min drive from Amsterdam. So if you, by any change, have plans to visit the very well known capital of Holland and you have some hours to spare, you should definitely take take a little detour to Volendam!