A while ago my boyfriend introduced me to a special recipe from Jamie Oliver – the Tipsy Watermelon. Really fun when you’re having a barbecue or summer party.

What you need

  • 1 large ripe watermelon
  • 1 bottle of quality liquor – you can use any type of booze (vodka, rum, sparkling wine, champagne, tequila)

How it’s done

drunk melonYou simply cut a hole in the top of the melon. Use a spoon or knife to get some of the melon flesh out to create enough room for the alcohol. Pour some alcohol into the hole. Leave to sit for a day and pour in some more. The flesh of the watermelon will absorb the liquid until it becomes saturated.

Another approach is to make a hole and place the bottle direct into the watermelon. But please make sure that it cannot move or roll over. Before you know it, the melon falls off your countertop and the whole kitchen will be decorated with tipsy watermelon. And yes, I know by experience…

When the watermelon is a little tipsy, cut into nice large pieces and serve!


Check YouTube for some fun instructional videos.

Photo: Culy