Are you hosting a theme party this Holiday season but having a creativity block? Don’t worry. Here comes the rescue! I gathered some theme ideas, which you can easily organize with little budget! All you need in advance is a location, a simple living room will do.

Theme party 1: Casino Royale

Vegas combined with Bond, James Bond! Classical long dresses; a bow tie and an Freemont street kind of look and you have set the right tone. Martini’s, shaken not stirred are perfect to complete the Casino feel. Want some entertainment beside the drinks and the tune Poker Face by Lady Ga Ga? Arrange poker tables or roulette games for the ultimate experience.

Theme party 2: Dressed in (pick a color)

Easily done and possible in different variations. Want to go to the dark side, ask everyone to dress in black. Looking for a brighter audience? Pick white for the Sensation kind of feel. Make sure all of your drinks and bites are served in the right color and decorate the room with balloons in the theme color you have picked. Easily done, you’re welcome.

Theme party 3: The Oscars go to…

Looking for a dramatic night with statement dresses? The Oscar theme it is. Long dresses and heels required and the men need to suit up! The whole room should be decorated in a golden glow and of course you need an Oscar for the best dressed guest. You also should get a red carpet for a classy entrance, don’t forget to capture the red carpet arrival!

Theme party 4: Great Gatsby

Bring back the 1920’s look in an awesome theme: Great Gatsby. Decadent food, champagne and a perfectly fancy decorated room with string lights and golden accessories! An old gramophone would finish the look. Make sure everyone dresses with class! Silk, chiffon and lace are go getters for the girls. Do not forget to tell the girls to wear headpieces like headbands, with pearls and feathers and a fringe dress for the ultimate Gatsby look. The men can suit up, three piece suit with contrast colors or just black. Bowties are suggested!

Theme party 5: Masquerade

Italian drama is arriving! Everyone needs to arrive unrecognizable! Bal Masqué it is. A lot of glitter, gold and silver decorate the room and everyone should be fully dressed, masquerade style. Doesn’t matter if they wear pailettes, satin or velour fabric, everybody should dress-up! Rather it is a cocktail dress or gown, if they just make sure to buy a mask. Success guaranteed!

Theme party 6: Prom night

Want to feel like being in High School again? Prom night it is! The awkward stage you were in during high school but recreated during your grown-up life. Make sure you have a beer pong table and red cubs to recreate the best (or worst) night of your life! High school pictures and presenting the King and Queen of your Prom are necessary during this theme party idea.

Theme party 7: Bohemian Chique, 70’s twist!

Want to use a theme but don’t want to wear a classical gown, this Ibiza style party is the way to go. Tell everyone to have a look in their parents closet for the best boho outfit they can get. Play songs from the 70’s and make sure you have enough space to create a dance floor with a disco ball to boogie the night away!

Got inspired to host a party? Good! Now go have fun this holiday season!