Lemon water: so many articles have been written about the subject and still the subject isn’t clear. Does, or doesn’t lemon water benefit your health?

As described on various websites lemons are known for its healing power and weight loss ability. For example: Foodmatters cheered about hot lemon water and mentioned its benefits on their website. They say:

  • Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C
  • Lemons contain pectin fiber which works antibacterial
  • It works beneficial for the pH levels in the body, it balances
  • Drinking warm lemon juice flushes out toxins in the body (mornings)
  • Improves digestion, also aids in the production of digestive juices
  • It contains potassium, calcium, citric acid, phosphorus and magnesium
  • Lemons improve the skin and they prevent the formation of Acne and wrinkles.
  • During a common cold lemons help you cure
  • They also can reduce inflammation pain in joints
  • And strengthens the liver and balances its calcium and oxygen levels.

Amazing right? So as you can guess, I started drinking it every single morning, before I ate my breakfast. And, for me it feels like the lemons were paying off. Then, I came across this article on Livestrong that told me not to drink (too much) lemon water. The most important arguments they gave were:

  • Tooth Erosion, by consuming acidic beverages you may damage your teeth. It might cause extra sensitive teeth.
  • Heartburn, Livestrong tells us by drinking to much lemon water it might start heartburn or make the condition, if you already have it, even worse.
  • Frequent Urination and dehydration: Livestrong also tells us it only happens in rare cases, but it might excel the urine production, which can make you dehydrated.

After reading about it on various websites and articles, it is clear the opinion on lemon water is divided. But, I decided I like lemons. So; I am sticking with them. And if I start to worry about my teeth, I will use a straw. For me, the benefits are more satisfying than the disadvantages. So I cheer for drinking lemon juice.

And…if it turns out that life starts giving you lemons, don’t worry, just squeeze them and make margaritas!