The Kunas are the first Indian tribe to have rights over their land in Latin America and today they run the region of Kuna Yala, where their ancestors always lived. This place is located in the southeast of Panama, more or less above Colombia, bathed by the turquoise Caribbean waters, also known as the archipelago of San Blas. These lucky Indians have the right to be in one of the most paradisiacal places in the world and today they exploit it. Lucky for the white man! Otherwise the place would be toot “developed” by now.

San Blas is composed of 367 islands. More than one island for each day of the year! There is a Panamanian border on the nearest island to the mainland, where we have to go down for inspection! It’s almost like going to another country! There you can stay in traditional Indian tents built by the Kunas with retro architecture. Not many words can describe the location. A bed in the sand with palm leaf ceilings in an 800m diameter island.

In a closer island there is a sunken ship, a perfect spot for snorkeling; clear water and plenty of food for fishes to stay around! One island north of the other and in-between, there is this sunken ship. They say it is a Caribbean drug dealer-pirate ship that got stuck in the sand bank when trying to escape from police.

Another island called Isla Estrella (star island) is crowded by star fishes all around the island and you can just swim with them and catch them in your own hands.

San Blas is one of the most paradisiacal places in the world. Still very rooted in local tradition, and managed by the local Indians: The Kunas, the mayans of the seas. The difference is that while the Mayans built temples for their gods, the gods built temples in the form of islands for the Kunas.