Tarifa, ah Tarifa! One of the most consistent and powerful kitesurf spots in the world! Located just there in the southwest corner of Spain, in the province of Cadiz, Andalucia, in the entrance of the strait of Gilbraltar. It’s possible to see our beloved Morocco from there, as it is only 14 km away. As I’m living in Malaga, just 150km away, it’s just my preferred spot to visit for a weekend break. Any problems or stress just blow away of my head as if the wind clear it up.

Usually the winds comes from west – as they call in Spain el poniente – but sometimes it works also well with east winds, called el levante. This beautiful, small and charming town is a perfect place to rest your spirit, enjoy the kitesurf atmosphere at most, relax at the beach and have fun hanging around in the night life.

In the city center you can find a very relaxing beach called Playa Chica where kitesurf is not allowed in the high season. Playa de los Lances is the first kitesurf spot that you find going further a few kilometers away in direction to Cadiz. If you go a bit further you can find this beautiful dune beach called Playa Valdevaqueros, where is also a kitesurf spot.

The place is moved by kitesurf tourism all year around. Several good options of backpackers and hotels are available and camping is also an option. The sea food around is very tasteful! I would recommend the tuna fish fillet that you can find in the best restaurants in Tarifa center.

The summer atmosphere and the cosmopolitan vacation place make the night life at Tarifa very attractive. People from every side of the world hang around the old and small streets of Tarifa’s historic center and you can find several options of bars and night clubs to have a few drinks and shake your body! So even if you are not a kitesurfer you would love this place! I extremely recommend! Hasta luego!