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Jordan Wine Estate - Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, South Africa, is known for its many vineyards. Everywhere you go, you see  'Wine Estates' all over the place. You can visit these vineyards and for just a couple of euros you can taste their different wines and see more of the estate. Not a bad way to spend your day I would say! Every spot is unique, different and amazing! My trip in Sout[...]

The Yumminess of Fruit Smoothies

Wie houdt er nou niet van de sweet taste of summer time smoothies? Ja ja…ik weet dat het officieel nog geen zomer is. Maar nu ik zo lekker in het warme zonnetje zit, moet ik jullie toch echt vertellen over mijn liefde voor zomerse smoothies. Ik ben dol op het zachte, zoete, romige, smeuïge drankje. Waarom? Nou…hierom: Smoothies zijn heerlijk verkoelend[...]

Vegan health meal for Brook

Today is Monday, the start of a new week and the first day of the month, and I had it all planned to write about the Meatless Monday movement. But after a super busy weekend with no internet, I read Brook's post and then changed my mind - just a little bit. I decided to write about something bigger: the will to take the first step, and to give you a quick an[...]