Every year, the best rock festival of Belgium takes place in Werchter; Rock Werchter! And each year the organization knows how to create a first class line-up. This year they managed to keep up that name! Thank god for that, because it was my first visit, so this newbe explored Rock Werchter!

So as many of you may have heard, the organization of Rock Werchter has a rough year with artists cancelling on their performances due to health issues. The Foo Fighters cancelled because Dave Grohl broke his leg. Which is a bit painful (literally and figuratively) since Rock Werchter has rescheduled the festival a weekend earlier, so that the Foo Fighters could be present. Also, Ben Howard and Jessie J cancelled their shows due to health issues. But still there were a lot of big names left to make the festival a great success, again!

I only bought a single ticket for the first day of Rock Werchter. You can imagine I was on a mission to make sure I saw all my favorite artists. My favorite, number one, must see band present that day was Florence and the Machine. And wow, she nailed it indeed! She was so impressive, energetic and alive on stage, she managed to give me goose bumps. I already loved her music but now I am seriously a fan! (After Rock Werchter I bought tickets for her full show in the Ziggo Dome).

I also wanted to see James Bay but the Barn was way too crowded to get in. So I saw some of his performance on a TV screen, not being able to see the stage. Same situation when trying to get in to the Barn to see Oscar and the Wolf, which was one of my other, favorite acts to see. Too many people wanted to see Oscar and the Wolf. I gave up getting in the tent after being pushed aside a couple of times and getting claustrophobic. At first I tried to just listen outside the tent but that wasn’t a great success. You can imagine that I was not a fan of the construction of the Barn.. Hopefully Rock Werchter will fix that next year.

After that I decided that I wanted to experience the closing act optimally. So we shortly got some of the good vibes of SBTRKT and then my friends and I left KluB C early so we could enter the Golden Circle to see the Chemical Brothers, up close! We had to wait a little but it was worth the wait. OMG: LEGENDARY! Great show, lights, video editing and attributes. Absolutely amazing!

I just loved Rock Werchter! Good vibe, really amazing performances, even though it isn’t the smoothest year for Rock Werchter, I would still recommend it! Next year, I will get weekend tickets!

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Ps: Haribo, I loved your candy during the day. Since I am a real gummy addict you were my favorite foodtruck present at Rock Werchter!

Rock Werchter