Travelling around has incredible benefits to people’s growing and spirit renovation. Living abroad is like having intensive life lessons every day.  Maybe living in your birthplace you would take much longer to realize or perhaps you’d never had it. While you are constantly learning new stuff, meeting new people and renovating your believes, the life abroad shows us that what really matter when travelling is the people we know, the new friends we make and everything we can learn from the place we are.

But travel is not only a rainbow world as described above. The more you travel and meet people the more you have to say goodbyes. The positive point is that good people that came into our lives we keep forever and you always have a room on your heart for new friendships!Ola Michal

Today I’ll talk about this young couple from Poland, Ola (Aleksandra) and Michal. Since 9 months ago they arrived in the Costa del Sol, more precisely in the small town of Benalmádena Costa in the Málaga province. They planned together to spend some time in Spain, and as both were working from home, they had flexibility to travel around. They found a beautiful flat close to the beach and looked after their objectives. The first goal was to learn Spanish. They’ve been in Solingua Spanish School and rapidly accomplished this challenge. The second goal was learning paddle surf. They did it very well and just became addicted to it, going to the water whenever they could. Kitesurf was also in the list. Michal could take the first class and understand how the sport works.

The final balance of 9 months trip was: learning a new language; learning a new water sport that changed their beach relationship and the most important issue; make new friends from all around the world!

I’m glad to have this fellows on my top friends list and I’m sure soon we’ll meet somewhere around, perhaps in Spain again, Poland, Brasil, wherever. What really matter is to keep the good friendships you do on your way. Hasta luego, amigos!