When I became a vegetarian about two years ago, I chose – besides having less cruelty in my plate- to lead a healthy and balanced diet. My day-to-day included industrialized dairy, full of sugars and fats. Despite not having abandoned the consumption of dairy products and eggs, whenever I do consume them they must be organic and from animals bred free.

But one of the beauties of becoming a vegetarian or making any dietary change is that we are able and open to discover many new flavors. Nature is very rich and powerful, and can provide all nutrients, aromas and flavors we need to live. What happens is that we are used to getting everything from the supermarket shelf, unable to read labels, without smelling, without seeing the color, not knowing how it got there.

The packaged animal milk we find in the market can be anything but milk. It is the rest of the rest, mixed with many chemicals, from cows imprisoned, separated from their young, full of hormones and antibiotics. And I don’t want it for me, do you?

When I consume animal milk I buy it straight from the farm, at the organic market products where they sell butter, yogurt and milk. But an incredible range of plant milks can be easily prepared at home. In addition to consume them like milk you can add them to your recipes.

Today I will teach how to do my favorite one: almond milk. Tasty, aromatic, practical, full of nutrients and with a velvety texture that will win your heart.


For a glass of milk you will need:

  • 8 or 10 almonds
  • 1 cup water

Soak the almonds for 8 hours (if you remember) or put them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then you will peel them (seems hard, but it’s really easy!). Discard the water and put in the blender with a glass of drinking water. Beat until they dissolve and it’s ready.

If you prefer, you can strain it and use the grounds to make cookies or cake, but the texture without being strained is much better!

From here you can make smoothies, put in coffee, make pancakes … use your creativity! I love to mix with a little honey and cinnamon, warm, and drink at the night on cold days.


I hope you enjoy. Try and use this recipe to discover new and delicious flavors!

Om Shanti