Morocco is located in the very north zone of the African’s continent. The place has a grand diversity of activities to do! Last New Year’s eve I had the chance to experience a great moment celebrating it in the Sahara Desert with a big group from all around the world. After a busy and annoying time in Marrakech, we’ve gone through the mountains of Morocco and after 2 hours of camel riding we arrived at this special camping place prepared for the big night. Traditional Beber songs (tribe from Morocco), big camp fire, nice local food and cold drinks. At the end everybody went climbing the big dunes of the desert, checking the clear sky and the thousands stars that the place offers.

On the days after, we ride to the coast. Essaouira was a great surprise! With its Portuguese buildings and small town atmosphere, it is one of the most visited spots for kitesurfing in Morocco. You can rent camels on the beach and ride through the shore. I didn’t make it because I had enough of camels in the camping track! On the way to Essaouira you can find this olive threes and if you are lucky, also the goats feeding on the top of those threes.


I have been also in Agadir, south of the Moroco’s coast. The place is kind of developed and very touristic. Doesn’t look like Africa at all. It reminds me my beloved Málaga, actually. Arriving there I could see some nice waves were breaking in the shore! I was not ready for that, as caring the surfboard to Sahara would be a problem, so I haven’t taken it with me at the time. Luckily  I found a surf board rent place and took a two hours session on this beautiful place! You can take a look at this video of the small but good waves that I could find that day in Agadir!

Finally, Morocco is a very nice place to visit and you can choose from the chaotic cities of Marrakech and Fes, the incredible desert of Sahara or simply enjoy the country’s beautiful coast!