Australia is an amazing country! Who are looking for good weather, beach, fun, safe place and welcoming people must spend some time in the beautiful coast of Aussie’s land! The country’s life quality is not any news. Every ranking you look for best places to live you will find this country on the top lines. The tourists already know that and you can find Sydney as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Australia has 23 million habitants and almost 5 million live in the capital. The city center is very busy with big modern buildings, people from all around the world and an intensive night life. For people who like places as New York, London or Sao Paulo, living in the city center we’ll look very familiar!

But not that far away from the city center you can find a very charming and captivating place located in the northern beaches of Sydney. This place is called Manly. This little beach district is just 30 minutes far away from Sydney downtown and you can reach it easily by catching a ferry. The trip from Sydney to Manly by itself is already a big thing! When inside the ferry, the view of the surroundings with the Opera House in one side and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the other, worth the journey!

As soon as you drop off into the Manly Wharf you already feel like you are in another place, as if you were very distant from Sydney city center! You can feel the beach life style everywhere and loads of tourists are around enjoying the main avenue (The Corso) day and night.Manly Beach - North Steyne

As usual in Australia, Manly coast is perfect for surf in all levels, depending of the swell. In the summer time you might find more difficult to find a place in the ocean to catch your waves as the crowd is always present. The good point is that the crowd is friendly, so it might take some time but soon you will catch your wave. From South Steyne to Queensclif (Manly beach segments) you can have good surf conditions on any swell direction, sometimes changing the spot according to the swell side.
Manly Beach - Shelly BeachAnother popular and charming spot of Manly is Shelly beach. This small beach placed in the right side of the coast is perfect for barbecues, and its parking lot offers the full gear for that. The snorkeling is very usual over there, as you can find a great diversity of fishes around the rocks.

Sydney has several good district’s options to live: Southern Beaches, Downtown, Darling Harbour, and others. But I can tell you from personal experience that if you try Manly once you wouldn’t look further for another place to be.

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