Malaga City is one of the Spanish cities that grew the most in the last few years. Málaga is the capital of the province that has the same name, located in the Spanish south region called Andalusia. The place is also known as “Costa del Sol” or the Sunny Coast, as in Malaga you can find 300 sunshine days per year! Beautiful beach towns as Marbella, Benalmádena, Torremolinos, Nerja and several others make this place one of the biggest touristic destination in Spain. Even for Spanish people!

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Malaga Capital was not that touristic a decade ago. People usually arrived in Malaga airport just to go to the other beaches of Costa del Sol. In a tourism plan developed in the region, Malaga reformed its airport, since 2009 it connects to all the main European capitals. New roads were built to reach the city which helped develop local tourism.

The Muelle Uno was finished in 2011 and became one of the most visited spots in Malaga. The old wharf was rebuilt and transformed to a big ‘open air’ shopping center! It now receives the biggest cruise ships in the world. Malaga also has plenty of museums and the city is well known for his art because of Picasso and Antonio Banderas.

Alongside the Costa del Sol there are several spots to practice Kitesurf and also beautiful places for paddle surf excursions. The Mediterranean landscape makes this place wonderful for the stand up paddle around the rocks and waterfalls. For Kitesurf: Los Alamos, Los Monteros, Benalgabon and Tarifa are just 150 km away! For paddle surf, you can find good small waves in Torremolinos, Puerto Marina in Benalmádena. There are beautiful places to SUP in Nerja and Rincón de la Victoria! Amazing experience!


The idiomatic tourism is also a big deal in Malaga and you can find a nice environment to develop your Spanish skills. Per year, 35 thousand people come to Malaga to learn Spanish. Traveling to the Costa del Sol to study, learn Spanish and have fun is the best option to rapidly learn a new language! At Solingua, for example, you can have Spanish classes just 100 meters from the beaches of the beautiful Puerto Marina in Benalmádena (shown in the picture above).

As you could probably imagine from everything written above: Malaga is a great surprise and living here for more than a year was a great choice!