Last March I traveled the West Coast area during my roadtrip to the USA. My friends and I started in Portland and drove down the 101 to San Fransisco and then traveled to Yosemite. We camped out and did a couple of hikes over there, so we thought we were allowed to relax and visit the insanity that is called: Las Vegas.

Insane it is! I had heard a lot of stories about Las Vegas; you love it or you hate it. But, you definitely must see it once in your life. I want to share some of my must-see Las Vegas hotspots with you! What fascinated me is the glamour of the old days, which you can see in the old town which used to be the place to be. And the insanity of the new Vegas, which is located at the Strip, decorated with all the even bigger advertisement screens, lights and over the top glamorous hotels, bars and casinos.

Las Vegas hotspots: hotels

When visiting Las Vegas you must have a sneakpeak at every single hotel. They all have their craziness that is indescribable. The extremes you find in The Venetian, The Mirage and Luxor. In the Venetian you suddenly appear to be in Italy. With the Venetian gondolas, Italian opera singers and Italian ice cream. The Mirage actually has a dolphinarium in it and the Luxor is actually a pyramid. The Cosmopolitan is a bit different, since it is not decorated like a fun fair, but more a fashionable hotel: hip, new and trendy. Nice place to go and have a drink.

Flamingo Hotel

Las Vegas hotspots: The poolside

If you are visiting Las Vegas during a roadtrip it is also nice to plan a day at the pool. My friends and I stayed in the Planet Hollywood but the swimming pool was being renewed so going there was awful. So we went to a different hotel for a day and joined a pool party at The Flamingo Hotel. We went to a 21+ pool party, which was actually really cool. DJs playing top chart dance tunes and drinking beers and cocktails at the poolside. Totally relaxing! But don’t forget your wallet though; having drinks and some snacks isn’t cheap.

Las Vegas hotspots: Stratosphere Space Needle

If you want a nice view, visit the Stratosphere Hotel. This space needle building is located at the end of the Las Vegas Strip, overviewing all of Vegas. If you want more action, you can also have an adrenaline rush in various attractions! A sky jump, catapult and big shot are all there!

Las Vegas hotspots: Fremont Street

Fremont Street is really amazing. It brings back all the classic glamour that Vegas used to have. The old casinos are still reliving their glory days every single day. With photos of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra on the old casino walls, it reflects a history long gone. Although Fremont isn’t what it used to be, it still is worth the visit. Showgirls still perform while gambling, the dancing DJ plays tunes that make people dance on the streets and it’s all covered under a roof of the world’s largest LED screen. If you want to have a sense of the old Las Vegas I would definitely recommend visiting Fremont Street!

Las Vegas hotspots: Hoover Dam

It is just an hour drive away from Vegas so if you have time, go and have a view of the amazing dam! It is located on a timeline between Nevada and Arizona. So you can switch between time zones within a few steps. The Dam is impressive, but to be honest I always thought it was much bigger. Maybe because everyone I met spoke about it as if it were the biggest construction they had ever seen. Since I’m a Dutchie…you have to bring something more to the table when it comes to taming water.

Hoover Dam

Las Vegas hotspots: Valley of Fire

If you do not have enough time to visit the Grand Canyon, the Valley of Fire National Park is a really good substitute. As the name suggests, it is a really big area of red rocks, filling the horizon as far as you can see. It’s also an hour drive away from Vegas and a nice place to walk and drive around for a couple of hours. So, hopefully these hotspots are useful when you are visiting Las Vegas. If you have a recommendation yourself, please feel free to comment!

Valley of Fire