Hello you guys!

As you might have heard, some of the M&S girls are going to try ‘The 12 week – bikini body program by Kayla Itsines’. Now, the thing is I did a 8 week kayla program not long ago and I thought it might be fun to tell you guys something about my experiences with it. Obviously it’s not my goal to let the girls change their minds so I’ll try to be as friendly but also honestly as possible.

When I read about the fact that you have to go to the gym (or at least a do a pretty strong and heavy workout) 6 days a week -which for me is the whole week because Sunday doesn’t really exist in my book- I got scared a little and I was about to walk away from the whole thing. I might have to tell you that I’m not the most strong willing person on the planet. I tend to start a lot of things but halfway trough I decide most of the time that it was good and pleasant but it is going to come to an end a little earlier then expected.

Anyways, I got my gymcard ready and I scotched the diet-foodplan to my kitchen wall. The 8 weeks started now!

The whole food program isn’t the hardest part, you eat quite a lot more than I expected and you eat throughout the day. You have a very heavy breakfast and a light dinner though which took me a little getting used to since I normally do it the opposite way. Lot’s of the food is quite ‘instantly’ filling (for me not for a long amount of time but that doesn’t matter because like I said, you eat throughout the day so the moment until you can eat the next piece of food will never be far away). I never really had a thing for ‘power foods’ I always kinda thought it was another phase of the lifestyle goeroes on this planet but they actually do some good for you. I started to feel lighter and healthier quite fast with this way of eating. Also my chronic ‘heart burn’ slowly became less and less.

Now on to the hardest part… the gym! Although, when you’re actually there it is a lot easier, the ‘going there’ for me was awful the first two weeks. The kayla program is based more on strength and muscles than on cardio which I like more than I thought. I hate going to the gym especially when I have to do cardio, I just don’t really feel the need to bike, run or row ‘into nothing’. It doesn’t take me anywhere and that’s so boring…

Just like many other girls I assume, I also thought that muscle exercises would be horrible for a female body, I don’t want to look like some sort of female bodybuilder ready to take on Hulk Hogan or whatever so I never really went into the ‘muscle area’. But wauw, girls, it’s heaven over there! You are actually doing something, you’re adjusting the machines, you’re counting your sets in your head, you look at some muscled and sweaty men… and the best part is.. It doesn’t make you bodybuilder AT ALL!! After a week I started seeing the lines in my legs and arms and my stomach became a little more flat.. don’t get your hopes up, It’s not like you’re suddenly losing all you body fat but it just feels and shows a lot better, more trained and healthier. 6 days a week was a lot for me, and you have to be very careful with your body, don’t start off to enthusiastic with heavy weights and hours and hours in the gym because then you end up on day 8 with sore, sore, sore, sore … well everything basically (trust me, you’re sore in places you didn’t even knew existed).

I was very happy with the outcome, mostly it helped me getting back on the right track.. I still go to the gym at least 4 times a week, continued to use the food program (with some variations) and just feel a lot healthier. The 8 weeks in the end, made me loose about 7 kg and that number is growing as we speak. (the lost kg obviously, not my weight :p)

So M&S girls, and everyone else of course: Hopefully my little experience made you want to throw yourself into this kayla program even more or at least the same as it was. That, and, may the fitness gods be with you 🙂 good luck!!