Kayla Itsines, the 23 year old fitness guru that is big on social media. With more than 3 million followers on all her social media channels, she has put her Bikini Body Training company on the map. She created a community for (and mostly about) her followers from all around the world, promoting health, fitness and strength. As you might have noticed, Danielle already mentioned her instagram account in an earlier blog.

Since today is the day Joyce, Danielle and myself are also starting with the 12 week bikini body guide, it would be nice to know what to expect from this online fitness community. Why should we go online, what can we expect to find, and how can we actively become part of #thekaylamovement? A short blogpost to find out…

Why join social media during BBG training?

Social media presence isn’t really unusual these days, especially not in the fitness world. You’ve got the fitness and bodybuilding guru’s that gain followers continuously and also the diehard yogis, fitness models or health bloggers who can build careers from their accounts. However, the individuals in the community that Kayla Itsines has built don’t just scroll over her feed and like her posts: they actively join in. Working out hard, they actually seem to work out together following the same BBG schedule, using hashtags and commenting on each other’s photos to keep up with each other’s progress. Creating a BBG Instagram seems to be a way to connect with other like-minded people with similar goals, whether it’s to lose weight or get stronger. For me, it’s a big motivation to see progress pictures of other girls, commenting and encouraging each other, even when they never met in real life!  Kayla also encourages BBG users to take photos of their progress during the program and share them online because “personal progress is one of the most important and successful forms of motivation.”

Joining in? Try these hashtags…

Search for the hashtag #BBG, and you find that it has been used over a million times on Instagram. Other popular hashtags are #KaylasArmy, #thekaylamovement, #thek2movement, #deathbykayla, and #kaylaitsines. Put a search on any of these and you will find a subculture of mostly female Kayla fanatics who post transformational photos, diet plans and fitness advice.

So, Joyce and Danielle, we are not alone! But for now I suggest we keep our sweaty selfies private, and make some progress happen before we join #kaylasarmy…

Kayla Itsines BBG is a 12-week program consisting of 28-minute routines you do three times a week. It’s a full-body workout that incorporates high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, and resistance training, utilizing moves like jump squats, walking lunges, knee-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, and push-ups. Itsines says BBG is meant to be accessible to people of all fitness levels and be done anywhere, whether it be a gym or a living room. 

Accounts Kayla Itsines:


Facebook: K.ITSINES

Website: KAYLAITSINES.COM (you can order the guides here)