Stellenbosch, South Africa, is known for its many vineyards. Everywhere you go, you see  ‘Wine Estates’ all over the place. You can visit these vineyards and for just a couple of euros you can taste their different wines and see more of the estate. Not a bad way to spend your day I would say! Every spot is unique, different and amazing!

My trip in South Africa starts in Stellenbosch. As its during December, we had our Christmas dinner at the  Jordan Wine Estate. It’s a lovely piece of Stellenbosch with the most awesome view you’ve ever seen! Unbelievably good food and again, the view is just amazing!


For everyone who’s planning on going to Stellenbosch, I would definitely recommend you to stop by Jordan’s… and if you’re there anyway, have some lunch or dinner because it’s just fantastic!

Next stop: Aquila Game Reserve!