How blogging with a bunch of models and health nuts has inspired me to not be a slob. For a week anyway.

Anyone who has navigated over to Milk & Sugar’s author biographies will see that this blog boasts a number of beautiful, healthy, and, let’s be real, hot bod bloggers. I, on the other hand, am over here just eating a hamburger with a side of pizza. I’m also the only American. Cue all stereotypes.

Although I do love (and I mean seriously love – marry me already) a bag of potato chips, I’m not entirely unhealthy and probably don’t fit the total stereotype of morbidly-obese-McDonald’s-eating Americans. And I don’t actually know that many Americans who would fit that stereotype. But I also have no idea in hell how I found myself writing alongside models, yogis, and beach babes.

One of Milk & Sugar’s main (and I would argue best) features is the number of voices speaking up for health and happiness in every aspect of life. But a large number of posts have been about healthy habits for physical wellbeing.

For the sake of authenticity and honesty, we know not everyone is healthy 100% of the time. Or even 25% of the time. And not everyone looks like a model. Nor should they.

Brook duBois for Milk & Sugar

Last week was not a great week for me; I came home from a fantastic long weekend in Dallas to find my sweet dog, Cookie, had died and I never really came out of the funk it left me in. I proceeded to eat pretty badly all week (red meat, greasy mexican food, and lots of white bread), only make it to the gym once, and put off all my responsibilities in order to binge watch reality television and sleep. Luckily, it was a short week and this behavior only lasted four days. But while I was stuffing my face with enchiladas and watching the RHONY, Valentina was writing about getting up before dawn for yoga, Danielle was blogging about getting a Victoria’s Secret worthy body, Martine told us how to break our procrastination habits, and Murilo was giving tips for the best Brazilian surf spots.

So I’ve been inspired. For the next five days I plan to go on a Body Reset diet, hit the gym more often, and try to wake up earlier each day. I’m guessing there are many of you out there a lot like myself – totally comfortable in your sweatpants, gulping down coffee as your primary liquid of the day, eating cake every chance you can, and think I’m totally kidding myself when I say I’ll go on a diet. So the plan is to update you here on Milk & Sugar to see if it’s truly realistic to meet these expectations.

Brook duBois for Milk & Sugar

Am I body shaming myself? Probably. But have the bloggers at Milk & Sugar perpetuated this? I don’t think so. Nearly every post has promoted physical and mental wellbeing, as well as overall happiness.

I went on a women’s and women’s health magazine ban this year because I rarely got thoughtful content from them and often finish reading feeling bad about myself. And that’s not something I particularly enjoy. I don’t think anyone should feel bad when they sit down to a meal or go into fitting rooms at clothing stores. But do I feel good at the moment? No. Do I like the way I look in my own clothes? No.

So let’s get real and authentic, which is what Milk & Sugar is all about. I’ll update you here about how my health challenge for a very real person (with a very real-girl body and real-girl eating habits) goes over the next week. And of course I would love to hear from those of you who totally get how I feel and/or have been on their own health journeys. What are your favorite juice recipes or workouts? Tweet me here! Thanks for following along!