All my life I’ve been involved in some type of physical activity, most of the time dancing. I have a classical education, experienced many other genres (jazz, contemporary, tap …) and I’ve also done swimming, fitness, gymnastics, circus trial lesson and… well, better stop here. Without really knowing how or why I came to my first yoga class and knew it was exactly what I wanted / needed.

The first yoga class is always strange for those who never had any contact. A lot of people in bare feet up on their mats and the first lesson is to breathe (but then you think: – Man, I’m already breathing … No, you’re not). Then you will learn the postures and will be absolutely sure that will never be able to execute them, you start to sweat, to feel thirsty, to feel the body aches. Something changes when you leave the shala, for some reason – or many- you are no longer the same as entered and so you’ll be back.

I soon discovered then that yoga is also a complete physical activity, working a wide range of muscles and joints, which can be a high caloric expenditure activity, causes the body to sweat and eliminate toxins and provides a great blood circulation. But this is only the beginning, only the tip of the iceberg. After a while, I also discovered a profound way into myself. I learned how to breathe consciously and to use that learning as a primary key to running some asanas (postures).

During practice it is required a  focused, quiet and awake mind to serve as a tool for the actions that our bodies are about to perform. It takes the body to surrender  in every asana and follow breathing and flowing. In many positions we put ourselves in uncomfortable and extreme situations and it bothers us. Be out of our comfort zone is also a proposed challenge during practice, learn how to handle it is the lesson that we take for life. Sometimes you have to build strength and stability, others you need to open the chest and emotions and just surrender. Finding this balance is a task that takes time and discipline (invest some energy into It)

Much more than an beneficial exercise Yoga is a state in which we want to stay. A state where the mind is calm, clear and alert, which awaken a sense of compassion and gratitude and we remain rooted in our intentions and our true nature.

Which is my final goal with this post? Show to all of you that Yoga can be an efficient workout for your body and physical health but much more than that it can be a powerful help to deal with your concerns, problems and obstacles during your daily rotine. Learning about yourself is the key to face the world as it is and Yoga is a path into this challange. Yoga is for all, go practice as you are.

Om Shanti