Are you going to San Francisco? Make sure you wear some flowers in your hair… With those lines, and music flowing out of my car speakers, I entered San Francisco. All windows open, my head outside the car, while driving the famous red bridge. Sure all native San Franners thought I was one of those lame dumb tourists again. But hey…I loved it!

During my West Coast road trip I visited San Francisco. If you have plans going there yourself pay attention. I have gathered some lovely places where you must go while visiting San Francisco.

Okay, so you probably heard about Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39? Don’t go there! It is way too crowded with tourists and you don’t see SF the way locals see it. If you must, you need one hour…tops! What you do need to see in that area is Alcatraz. Make sure you make a reservation in advance, if you don’t…you won’t see it.

Alcatraz is a fascinating place with so much history, it is a must see place while visiting San Francisco. Make sure that you take the earliest ferry possible. That way it is not that crowded and you might be able to take some photos with no tourists on them. Also, do take the headsets they offer. It feels lame walking around like a typical tourist but believe me, hearing the stories while walking in Alcatraz in real time, makes the visit much more interesting!


Next stop in San Francisco: the Castro. It’s a gay neighborhood with a really nice, easygoing vibe. The old Castro Theatre looks great at night and the area has lovely places for dinner. I would recommend “Café Flore” for dinner and breakfast actually. It looks like a greenhouse located in the middle of Market Street. The service is great and the food yummy!

The Mission also is a great area to visit when you are in San Francisco. If you love shopping, hipster vibes and healthy food…this is a really nice area. The Chapel, a famous music venue, is located within this area and is a really cool place for live music, food and drinks. It is located in an old mortuary build in 1914. Renovated and remodeled to its current state. The Clarion Alley between 17th and 18th is also worth a visit. With graffiti artists continuously changing how the streets look it is an awesome street to look around – definitely if you are into street art! The Mission is just a really nice district with lovely shops and boutiques located on the main street: Mission Street

Mission District

So…when you are going to San Francisco make sure you don’t just see the tourist stuff. Visit the other areas. I promise: you won’t regret!

Stay tuned for Murilo’s blogpost about his adventures in SF! I’m pretty sure he has some good advice for you as well.


Visit Cafe Flore

The Chapel San Francisco

Go see Clarion Alley

Get Alcatraz Tickets