In my last blog I wrote about the Victoria’s Secret models and how to set your own fitness goals. In this blog I want to provide you with some Fitness Instagram accounts of real fit, good shaped, healthy women to follow. These Fitness Instagram posts might inspire you during your own workout!

She is an Australian girl, who cares about a healthy lifestyle and loves fitness. She motivates girls to embrace your own body and get the best out of it. She published her own Fitguides and weekly nutrition plans, which you can buy as an E-book. Kayla loves to share the progress her followers made in a before and after photos. She is known worldwide and gives workshops all over the world. Kayla Itsines promotes different shapes and sizes of fit on her Fitness Instagram account! Which I find very cool! On June the 6th, Kayla will come to the Netherlands to give a free Bootcamp class in Amsterdam. Are you going to be there? I am!

This Swedish girl is BADASS. Alexandra lifts like a pro and isn’t afraid to squat with 50 kilo’s on the bar. She has her own Youtube channel and is known for the hashtags #FEMINAL and #BRINGCAMP on her Fitness Intagram. Alexandra Bring organizes workout weekends and sells meal plans. Her photos are motivating and might help you push yourself a bit further while working out yourself.

As a professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowen knows everything about staying fit and healthy. She is known for training Doutzen Kroes and other VS models. Ballet Beautiful has combined ballet and fitness into a workout that’s totally awesome. Mary gives online classes via Skype but also has videos you can find on Youtube. Located in New York, SoHo, she posts beautiful pictures of her training sessions and life on her Fitness Intagram!

These Dutch girls have started the Fit Girl Code community with all kids of different women who find being fit and healthy really important. The girls all have different shapes and sizes. Fitgirlcode promotes being fit is for everyone! FitGirls posts pictures, short films with exercises on their Fitness Intagram and has its own shop. With the hashtag #FITGIRLCODE they let us know they are here to stay!

So get inspired, while working on your own fit!