I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world but here in Nantes, France there were some rainy days last week. It was all water, grey and no sun. There is however a positive side to this sad story: We can start thinking/shopping/fantasizing about our new fall/winter wardrobe!

To be really honest, I’m more of a winter season girl than a summer season girl. I just love boots, jackets, chunky sweaters and big scarfs. So I decided, just to brighten up this grey day, to write a little fall fashion preview about what I think are the ‘never out of style’ must haves for this upcoming season. Maybe a little cheesy but this weekend it’s going to be 34 degrees again so I’ll keep the real deal for when the cold really knocks on our doors 😉

The black boot:

One of my best friends once told me: ‘Every woman needs a heel, even if it’s a little one’. That changed my life, I always thought, if I would buy like a low boot with a short heel, it would make me look like a cowboy. I can tell you, that’s the stupidest thought I’ve ever had!! So as soon as I found out about the heel making the lady, I threw out all of my biker boots and bought me some (similar and all black, not gonna lie) heeled versions. You can wear them with everything but my favorite is and always will be the (ripped) skinny jeans.

The leather jacket:

Every girl needs a black leather jacket. Period. That’s it.. I don’t even think I need to say more!!


Personally I think this is the best go to item that exists on the entire planet. No jewelry for me, but a scarf. From chunky ones to satin ones. From knitted itchy ones to perfectly hand sown cotton I just love them. To me, a scarf can make an outfit complete. That’s probably why I have about 60 of them. The best places to buy them are in my opinion: Zara and Forever21.


To finish your outfit, and for those teeny tiny little sunshines now and then, you do need a fashionable pair of sunglasses. Obviously you have the always so popular ray-ban’s but for this fall it will be worth it to switch it up a little and go for my new favorite: the Dior ‘So real’. If  your budget doesn’t approve of these prices you might like this one a little better ;).

Well that was it for now, I’ll be back when the temperature drops.