Discipline, sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t. To be honest, it fluctuates like the Dutch weather. I set my goal, plan my workouts and make grocery lists and I go for it, 100%. I manage to hold on to my schedule for quite long actually, so discipline is there, somewhere! But after celebrating my holidays I ALWAYS have difficulty finding my discipline again.

I always do find it again. Since I love being healthy and, while working out and eating clean, I always feel best. I think everyone feels that way. So why do people tend to lose that discipline if you know it makes you feel better at the end of the day? Why is that? And how do you fix that?

You obviously cannot buy discipline; everyone would have done that by now if it were possible. Unless you count appointments with a plastic surgeon and liposuction treatment every month as disciplined…which is pretty disciplined though.

I want to share some easy adjustments that will help you stay disciplined.

1. Make your plan maintainable: Personally I think that it starts with a manageable and maintainable routine. I found out years ago that starting a hunger strike and working out like a maniac will not do the trick in the long run. It ends up with not eating until the end of the afternoon and rewarding yourself with French fries at McDonald’s. So, keeping it real and maintainable helps you stay disciplined.

2. Get support: It is also helpful when your environment is supportive and not shoving a big fat juicy cheeseburger on your plate. By telling your friends and family you are on a mission you probably get support. That way they might not tempt you to eat loads of cake, cheeseburgers and chips but offer some healthier alternative and help you stay disciplined. If they don’t, do not feel bad saying you skip the birthday cake. If I have to eat everything that is offered on birthday, housewarming and midsummer night parties I would be rolling down the stairs by now…

3. Set realistic goals: So I shared some info on how to get a VS Angel’s body. It’s simply not realistic for everyone and like I said in that blogpost: you should set realistic goals. Take one step at a time and don’t be too harsh on yourself as described in how to become an angel.

4. Find inspiration: As I shared in Fit fitter fittest it is good to get inspired by people that have similar goals like you. Or have walked the same path as you are right now. It might help to get your ass of the couch if you are lacking your exercise or help you find new training techniques that can help you keep your discipline.

5. No excuses. Just do it: Last but not least, start now! Don’t eat the entire pack of donuts telling yourself you start tomorrow. It will only make it harder the next day after such a rush of sugar in your system. No excuses, keep your goals in mind and stick to them!


Photo: Paola Kizette Cimenti