Week 11 & 12:

The last two weeks were a bit messy because of me moving in to my apartment. But part one of the BBG by Kayla is done! Because all the stuff were in boxes, making a shake was a big challenge. Unfortunately that’s why I haven’t made a green shake. I did however try to do the circuits as often as possible and I completed the LISS days by lifting boxes, paintings, cleaning and carrying stuff around!

Read here how we experienced the Kayla guide!

Week 10:

Often, people ask me what I eat during the day. I don’t say it’s amazing but I found my balance in it and to me, it feels good.

I make a healthy green smoothie every single morning. Often with spinace, salade, kale or endive with some fruit and coconut milk. With this, I almost always eat some yogurt with (chocolate) protein powder, fruit, oatmeal, unsalted almonds and superfoods. If I don’t eat this, I eat two crackers with some cottage cheese and a little bit of jelly.

Around 10 am I eat a piece of fruit.

I try to eat as less bread as possible. Not really because I think it’s bad for you but because two crackers are almost equal to one slice of bread. That’s why, every afternoon, I eat about four crackers which is equal to two slices of bread. After eating two slices of bread my hunger is not really satisfied yet but when I eat four crackers I had more than enough.

I always make something special out of my crackers. I almost always eat a 1/2 avocado and I always have some tuna or a boiled egg lying around.

Around 3 pm I always feel like eating something sweet. I often take a protein bar or I take a handful of superfoods. If I don’t have anything lying around, I grab a cappuccino. Most of the time, this takes the urge for something sweet away.

For dinner I just eat whatever’s on the table. My mom always cooks the most delicious and healthy meals from ‘Hello Fresh’. Hello Fresh delivers healthy weighed meals in Holland and Belgium. They send you the ingredients you need to prepare the meals together with a recipe book once a week to your home. You’re always eating very varied and almost always organic.

Also after dinner, I always feel like eating something sweet. I often eat a cookie or a piece of chocolate. Like that I manage to make healthy choices almost throughout the entire day.

During the day I continuously drink green tea and I always keep some water with lemon or lime with me.

This is what I eat on working days. During the weekends I don’t always manage to keep this up. But I think everyone can have something ‘bad’ every once in a while so that’s what I do in the weekends!

Week 9:

It went well. The circuits went well this week. Fun new exercises and the muscle pain is present every single day. Wednesday I got a small heart attack though because I saw I gained a kilogram again. It made me feel cranky all day. How is that possible? I don’t eat anything weird and I do all the exercises. To cut things short, I’m working so hard and I gain weight?!!!

I went to Personal Beauty & Body Styling directly that evening to see what was wrong. But fortunately.. the weight gain wasn’t fat it was just muscle. Oops…! So, some good advice: if you don’t want to lose weight but just gain strength? Throw away the scale!!

Week 8:

Two-thirds of the challenge is done! The photo moment was planned at the end of last week. Again?! Noooo! But I’m so curious to know if you see anything. And yes, you really do! I’m not yet satisfied at all but you do see the changes! We’re not doing it for nothing! Wiieehhooeee.


As I tell you every week, I didn’t change my eating pattern. I try to make healthy choices as often as possible and I faithfully drink my smoothie every single day but I still eat everything that comes to the table and I also eat a little snack every day (Chocolate or whatever). And that proves that you can also get results by just sticking to your normal eating pattern, and I was very curious to see if that would be true. Of course I don’t have a six-pack (yet :p) but you can see your body getting stronger. But the tummy is still visible. If I want to get rid of that entirely I really have to start paying attention to what I eat. Maybe that’s a good idea for the next 4 weeks because after that, the 12 weeks are done and completed and you probably would want to see a before and after picture… AAAAAAH – Alarm!

It gets harder and harder every 4 weeks. I thought the last 4 weeks were pretty tough. It’s doable with some breaks in between to catch your breath but I still can’t do the 7 minutes without stopping. Is that bad? I’m very curious to see how the next 4 weeks will go. Tough, tougher, toughest? I’m afraid so. Wish me luck!

Week 7:

The week began well; I did my exercises and I ate healthy. But, unfortunately the weekend was dramatic. I had a great weekend but ate and drank a lot of unhealthy things and couldn’t/didn’t do my last circuit of the week.

Tip of the week: Don’t leave your BBG outside when it rains, haha. My guide was soaked. I put it in the freezer and after some hours I could pull apart the pages again, but don’t try it, it took me a long time to do this!!! 🙂

Week 6:

This week I turned into a (healthy) foodie. In the morning I ate some cottage cheese with my chocolate flavored protein powder, some fruits, some almonds and some Goji berries.

If I didn’t eat cottage cheese, I made a smoothie in the morning. Did you know that smoothies are very healthy and can help you to lose weight, but when you drink it too much, too soon or you drink them at the wrong times, you can gain weight? Smoothies contain a lot of sugars, they are quite slow sugars/ carbohydrates, but still, they are sugars. It is advisable to drink a smoothie in the morning or around mid-afternoon.

As a snack I bought some super foods and mixed them all together. I also use them in my cottage cheese. Very yummy at all times of the day! For the Dutchies, you can buy them at Aldi.

I also made some flatbread with a yogurt dressing. Very easy and tasty.  Bake the flatbread in the oven at 200 degrees until it’s crispy. Then break it in pieces and you have some healthy chips. You also can sprinkle some sea-salt and rosemary on top of the bread.

Since I am talking all about food, I also will share a very tasty recipe with you all. Almond balls!

This is what you need:

200 gr. almonds
400 gr. Pitted dates
4 tablespoons raw cacao
2 tablespoons almond paste
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons chia seed

Chop the almonds finely in a food processor. Add all other ingredients plus 2 tablespoons of water. Mix until a sticky mixture. Roll into small balls. Put the balls for about an hour in the freezer until they are hard. Thereafter, the balls may be kept in the refrigerator.

For some more healthy recipes, check our Kitchen fun page.

For those who want to know how my workouts went, they went well! This week Monday became my Wednesday (my worst day of the week!) and secretly for the first time I’m thinking the guide is paying off since I think I am getting a little two pack! ;-).

Ow and this week I heard that ‘Strong is the New Sexy’, so that became my new motivation!

Week 5:

This week we had a new routine. New exercises. It was fun. I enjoyed it and got back my sore muscles the day after :-). Weehooo! Of course, Wednesday was my hardest day again. To many push ups. This time with your feet on a bench! Kayla, are you crazy? I really need some more muscles!!

This week I started very healthy with a lot of cottage cheese, avocado, eggs, nuts, and fresh juices but then there was the weekend… I didn’t have time to do my workout on Friday and Saturday, busy busy busy and getting up at 6 am is getting harder and harder since it is still a little dusky at this time in de morning. So I did my last workout on Sunday. It felt a bit bad because I really enjoyed my weekend with crappy food and (alcoholic) drinks and didn’t do anything on Friday and Saturday. Actually, on Saturday I walked a lot since I went to the Belgian coast but for me this doesn’t count. Not this week. I was very happy that is was Sunday morning, that I could do my BBG workout again and work that body!

Unfortunately, I didn’t eat healthy this weekend (Hamburger, Ice-cream, Pizza, …). This doesn’t feel good so next week I will work harder and eat better! I did make the Almond Milk Valentina posted earlier! Its really really easy to make and so healthy! See the recipe here.

See you next week!

Week 4:

This week has already past again – it goes so fast! After 4 weeks there is another Photo Diary moment for you, but I’m not ready for that yet. 

I did the Kayla routine on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Friday was my day of rest. 

I completed every routine and did my LISS workouts. So you might say I’m doing quite OK, but still don’t see any results and on the scale the numbers are getting higher instead of lower. However we will see; maybe that’s because I’m getting muscles and they weigh more than fat. 

Because of this and because of the research I did for Milk & Sugar (for Personal Beauty & Body Styling), I asked if I can step on the scale there and weigh myself every week. This is a professional scale that measures everything so I can see if my fat percentage drops or not. At this point my fat percentage is 27.8%, which is a little bit too high for my age. I need to be between 20% and 25%. We will see in the next weeks! I’ll keep you posted :-). 

My goal of this Kayla challenge is to get a flat belly. Since I’m not planning to totally change my eating habits, I need a littleeee bit of help. So I’m now going to Personal Beauty & Body Styling to get electrotherapy every week.  This will hopefully help me to get rid of my tummy. On the recommendation of Fouzia (the owner of Personal Beauty & Body Styling) I also need to eat more protein, so I bought protein powder and some protein bars. Maybe that will also help me to not eat any sweets. 

To be continued!  

Week 3:

The 3rd week has already passed and I’m still maintaining the Kayla routine and doing everything I have to do. The routines where all okay this week – I could at least manage everything. I think the routines where a bit easier this week but maybe I also am getting a little bit stronger too? Even Wednesday was finally not so bad at all. This is because we didn’t have the combination of Mountain Climbers + push ups. And I accepted that the straight leg sits ups take me some time and I can’t do it faster as I would like to do, to finish the routine twice as you mostly do in 7 minutes. I saw a message from Kayla which made me accept that not everything can be as I wish. 

Just because you give up once doesn’t mean you’re done. I’ve given up heaps of times, I haven’t finished my workout, I’ve walked out of the gym, I’ve missed days where I was suppose to train BUT still, I try my hardest to be the best version of myself. It doesn’t matter if you give up or have a bad day… it only matters if you don’t try again. Just keep trying and trying. Trying is better than doing nothing at all. 
I walked a lot this week. Dior (my dog) is very happy and surprised with that :-). She never walked this much three times a week. So she is getting fit as well :-).
I don’t see the result yet but my muscle pain is getting less so the workout is paying off already I think.
This week I also tried electro therapy to stimulate my sixpack! More about this soon on Milk & Sugar! 

Week 2:

This week I enjoyed my workouts. I got out of bed and was motivated to get started with my first Kayla workout of the week, but then during the training I was soon shouting at Kayla instead! It was pretty hard again this week; the first week we had to do 50 reps of skipping rope and this week we had to increase it to 100x – which meant 400x reps during the 2×7 circuit! However, I’m much stronger in my legs than for example in my abs.

My worst day was Wednesday again. On Wednesday its just arms & abs, but I can almost never finish the exercise and that’s very frustrating! Just let me do the skipping, no problem, but after 24x commandos (that I can’t finish) I’m almost dying – poor me!

 Foam Roller:

I bought myself a foam roller (based on Kayla’s guide and recommendation) since my muscles have been so sore every single day. But, seriously, it hurts!!!! I still need to practice using it because it isn’t that easy. But I like that you can do the foam rolling whenever you want. You don’t need to do it right after the workout. So I just do it in the evening in front of the TV and Dior (my dog) accompanies me :-). So Cute.

The food:

I’m still drinking my green shake every morning and trying to eat as healthy as possible but still eating some cookies or candy when the occasion arises. And still no alcohol! However, sometimes forgoing alcohol is a bit boring when I go to nice dinners, such as on Thursday (check my #snapshots) and I just know that a glass of good wine would make the dinner even more perfect. But I didn’t do it – proud! But as you see in the #Snapshots, I did have a dessert and my friandises (small sweets) with my cappuccino and they were so delicious!

How do you stay motivated to keep on track? Comments and advice are welcome!

Do you think my work out will pay off? Leave your comments or tips below!

Week 1:

I decided to do my Kayla BBG trainings in the mornings because at the moment its very hot in Holland. It’s a good start to the day and it feel so nice that I already worked out. Your stomach is empty and you are fit all day long.  I recommend this to everybody. After my workout I made myself a smoothie with my brand new blender – Proud!

The first workout on Monday was very hard. I made it through the whole workout, but I was red like a tomato. The second one on Wednesday was less intensive but you needed a lot of muscles for it. And guess what? I don’t have them (yet). So I wasn’t that red but it was a lot harder to finish the workout. For the last Kayla BBG day of this week, I was less motivated but I did it! My abs were still sore, so some of the exercises were damn hard but I finished the whole workout. Since this was a full body exercise, it was doable.

After all the workouts, my muscles were sore the next day, so after the first week I really, really felt my whole body. But it’s okay after each workout you have a day of LISS – this means you have a day to do less intensive training like walking, biking or hit the crosstrainer. So your body has time to recover.

I didn’t follow Kayla’s BBG food guide. This is because I don’t want to lose weight. I just want to get tighter. And I figured when I exercise for 12 weeks, 6 times a week, and I also have to watch my food I can’t keep it up. So I already eat healthy and now I just try even more to make healthy choices, such as avoiding alcohol, but I need my chocolate or a cookie once a day.

This week I didn’t drink any alcohol, but I did eat a (small) cookie every day.

I liked my first Kayla week – I hope the next weeks will be even better!


I normally work out about 3 times a week. I like to join a group lesson like Body Pump, Body Combat or abs attack lessons. Before or after I always step on the crosstrainer for 30 minutes. Now we wanted to start the Kayla BBG Challenge, I thought, I already work out so that would be okay. But I decided to do the Pre-training to see what is waiting there for me. The Kayla BBG training is a block of 4 x 7 minutes of high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, and resistance training, utilizing moves like jump squats, walking lunges, knee-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, and push-ups. And even though I work out, it was hard! The first time I couldn’t finish my first 7 minutes!! My god! I was so surprised. So I had to train more before we started because Danielle and Martine are way fitter then me and I don’t want to stay behind.