Brazilian beaches are very famous worldwide and the practice of nautical sports is very usual along the coast. In the northeast region of this huge country you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Therefore, there are hundreds of places where to practice Kitesurf.

Today I’ll talk about one of these paradisiacal beaches: Cumbuco. This place is located in the state of Ceará, northeast region of Brazil. This spot is visited by kitesurfers from all around the world. The place works with 20 knots east wind every day. It is like a machine! The Best Season is from August to December, but July and January can be good as well.


You can have fun kitesurfing in the ocean, but anytime you wish you can just change to a lagoon called Lagoa do Cauipe placed very close to the beach shore. If you want more privacy, you can ride till Lagoa da Taíba and catch the same conditions (ocean and lagoon together)

The Kitesurf tourism is very strong over there and if you want to improve your kitesurf skills you can take personal lessons to achieve new goals. And with the winds constancy of this place, soon you will improve a lot your skills.

So if you are looking to go to Brazil for kitesurfing, you should take a look at this special place! Here is a video where you can see Lagoa da Taíba and how close it is from the ocean.