Last month I went on a roadtrip for three weeks. One of the best cities I visited, which caught me by surprise, is Portland, Oregon. Its hipsterism, the natural coolness and its weirdness are just amazing!

A lot of Dutch readers have probably never heard of this hipster city and that is understandable, as most people skip the state of Oregon while visiting the West Coast. BIG MISTAKE…if you ask me anyway.

Keep Portland Weird

Why should you visit Portland, OR? First of all, the hipster is born here. Crazy or not, but people don’t care about what you do, or how you look. It is actually cool here to not want a career and become a barista. Mainstream is not cool. How cool is that? Second of all, this old industrial city of Oregon is known for its coffee. And we L.O.V.E. coffee, right? It has a lot of independent coffee shops and most of them roast their own beans. And, guys pay attention you are gonna love this, it is packed with micro breweries! Doesn’t Portland sound like the best city in the world?

But there is more! Are you a vintage lovin’ creature? You will be in retro heaven while visiting all the thrift shops! (I actually got myself a gorgeous bag and a really cool vintage top.) Visit the Hawthorne neighbourhood if you are into vintage

Courier Coffee

This hipster city is super conscious about their food, which is quite unique for an American city. Its inhabitants are way further ahead compared to the rest of the fellow American fastfood minded citizens. There are foodcarts at every street corner, which serve food from all over the world and you can easily get fresh organic and vegan food. You can even go to vegan stripclubs. Yeah, I kid you not…It is actually normal to go stripclubs for a (cheap) drink with friends, or because they serve healthy chicken sandwiches.

So, what’s not to love about Portland?

The city, its people and their mindset are admirable. This hipsterville should be visited when you are traveling to the West Coast. It’s worth the trip!


Places to go/see:

Neighbourhoods to visit:

  • Alberta Arts District
  • Belmont
  • Central Eastside Division
  • Downtown
  • Hawthorne (vintage shops)
  • Mississippi/ Williams
  • NW Portland / Nob Hill (Levi’s, urbanoutfitters, etc.)
  • Old Town
  • Pearl District
  • Sellwood-Moreland