Cape Town - South Africa

Kaapstad is na Johannesburg de grootste stad van Zuid Afrika en dankzij de natuur en de ligging aan de voet van de beroemde Tafelberg, een populaire bestemming voor toeristen! Ik ging op onderzoek uit! En wel 3 weken! Stellenbosch & Paarl: We begonnen de vakantie na een lange, maar goede vlucht (rechtstreekse vlucht +/-12 uur) in Stellenbosch. Stelle[...]

Jordan Wine Estate - Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, South Africa, is known for its many vineyards. Everywhere you go, you see  'Wine Estates' all over the place. You can visit these vineyards and for just a couple of euros you can taste their different wines and see more of the estate. Not a bad way to spend your day I would say! Every spot is unique, different and amazing! My trip in Sout[...]

Morocco Diversity - Surf, Kitesurf and Camel ride!

Morocco is located in the very north zone of the African’s continent. The place has a grand diversity of activities to do! Last New Year’s eve I had the chance to experience a great moment celebrating it in the Sahara Desert with a big group from all around the world. After a busy and annoying time in Marrakech, we’ve gone through the mountains of Morocco an[...]