Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis or northern beaches are normally places that spring to someone’s mind when thinking about Brazilians beaches. Of course, those are really beautifull places that you can find in any travel agency’s catalogue. In this first post I would like to present a very special but not that famous spot in Brazil – even for Brazilians. This place is called Cassino Beach (or Praia do Cassino) located in the very southern part of Brazil just a couple of hundred kilometers from Uruguay’s border. This place is locally known as the longest beach in the world, with its 270 km of sand extension that actually reaches Uruguay through the coast.

Cassino Beach

Cassino Beach is a very curious place. People can reach the beach by car and in the high season the beachfront looks more like a parking lot! On the one hand it is great because people can easily carry on their beach gear. By the other hand sometimes the traffic is crazy and you can find it hard to distinguish what kind of music is playing when all of the cars radios start sounding at the same time.

But what I really want to present about Cassino Beach is that this place is an extremely good spot for Kitesurfing, surf and Stand Up Paddle. Here you can always have a condition for one of these sports!

Cassino Beach - Kitesurf

Probably it is one of the best Brazilian’s spots for Kitesurfing. There is a port wharf used as vessel channel that protects the place from the waves and you can sail northeast winds from 15 to 35 knots in a beautiful water mirror.

The Stand Up Paddle is also a very popular sport practiced in Cassino beach. Loads of people enjoy this new sport, and the facility of carrying the boards around by car helps a lot. Small waves are often present into the shore and fun can be assured.

Surfing in Cassino is also a good activity. Big waves are not that constant over there, but when the swell comes up, many surfers jump into the water to enjoy that session at the most, as it could take long time for the next one to come up again.

Cassino Beach surf

It’s a pity that in the past few years, after the lasts dredging in the local port, a lot of mud has appeared and get stucked in the beachfront. It is still possible to practice all the sports mentioned above. However, if the local authorities do not work to prevent bad procedures on the next dredging activities, the tourism and the practice of surfing will be affected.

The truth is that you can have great fun at Cassino Beach enjoying every water sport and also the night life. People are very friendly, especially with foreigners visiting the region. If you are looking to travel to this place, I’ll be glad to give you references and tips of what to do and where to practice water sports with the right professionals.

Cassino Beach - sup

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