The most famous, traveled and bejeweled island of Indonesia is Bali. It is known for the beautiful beaches, temples, nature and surfspots. It is a lovely island and definitely worth a visit. I have been to Bali a while ago and would love to go back sometime. I did not have enough time to explore the entire island so my next visit I would love to be there a bit longer then last time. Since I traveled thru Java (amazing as well!) for a couple of weeks I only stayed a couple of days on the Island. But Bali is not captured in a couple of days..

Even tough I visited Bali in a rush I would still love to share my beginners experience of Bali and give you a couple of must do and see tips.

#1: Take your time!

The island has different places you must see. So make sure you don’t have to do everything in a hurry (like I did) cause that would be a shame! I personally think if you would like to combine beachlife with some “Dora Explora” time you need at least two weeks! But if I were you, I would just go like…a month or so 😉

#2: Read in on Bali’s culture

The people of Bali are really friendly. Most Balinese are Hindus and it’s population strongly believe in Karma and Dharma. They believe that you must follow certain rules and your own actions influence your current life or the next. So if you do wrong in this life, this will get back to you eventually. It also works the other way around, if you do good, good will find you in this life or the next. I actually love this idea of thinking and think it is always good to be interested in other cultures where you may go! It also helps when visiting temples knowing their habits and rules.

#3: Visit the temples

Next to its beautiful culture their temples are truly amazing and worth visiting! On Bali there are various temples you can visit, couple of my favorites where: Pura Besakih, Pura Ulun Danu, Gunung and Tanah Lot. But there are a lot more temples on the island that are definitely worth a visit! Make sure you take enough time to visit and soak in the experience!

#4: Hop around

Stay on different locations on the island. Bali has a lot of pretty, breathtaking sceneries! So to experience the different locations on the island I would recommend that you take a round trip.

Lovina: I really loved Lovina, it is located on the northern side of the island. Close by there are some really nice places to visit, the area around Munduk is absolutely amazing and worth a visit. You can go to the Red Coral Waterfall or Tablingan Lake. Banjan hotsprings are really close by Lovina and easy to pay a visit. If you stay in Lovina you can also get up early and go see Dolphins. I was lucky to see them in their own habitat!

Ubud: I stayed there way too short. Next time I would definitely make sure I stay there for a couple of days. We just rushed thru this area which was, looking back, the stupidest thing to do… One of the things I found amazing was the Tegallantang rice field. It is impressive and cool to actually explore the terraces. But there are a lot more temples, art-markets and nature to explore in that area!


Kuta, Legian, Seminyak: located South on the island is the typical touristic area. A lot of people from Australia visit this area and it is almost like the Costa for Dutch people. A lot of surfers stay in the area as well and it has nice restaurants and bars. I stayed in Kuta, which is perfect if you would like to take some surfing lessons. It is a nice place to meet people from all over the world and have drinks on the beach. My favorite restaurant in that area was the Balcony.

So, I obviously loved exploring Bali but I definitely haven’t seen it all. I missed out on various temples, hotspots and secret beaches. So next time I will take more time on each location and actually learn how to surf and also visit the surrounding islands; Lombok and Gili Islands. So there is definitely a reason to go back, since the island, its people, nature and culture are truly amazing!