When we are traveling to different countries and looking to fill up our backpacks with exotic cultures we actually never really know what to expect of our trips. Indonesia is one of these places. Even if you try to imagine a place like this it would be hard to get close of what it really is.

quebradoThis incredible beautiful country located in southwest Asia is unique by its nature and famous worldwide by the high quality surf spots. Tourists from all around the world visit the place and the island of Bali is the most requested spot for tourists. There you can find really good surf spots, a very nice night life and enjoy the vacation atmosphere all year round! The bad news is that in Bali it is really hard to get a place in the ocean. Thousands of surfers fighting for a few seconds in a wave. The high level of the surfers around is also a problem, because just a few waves are left for beginners and even intermediate levels.

A good choice is to travel to other remote islands of Indonesia. I went to Sumbawa and stayed at Lake Peak and it was the best option I’ve done. Me and my friend were surfing just by ourselves  for hours every day and just enjoying perfect waves with no crowd around.

The only problem is that Lake Peak is 25 hours by bus from Bali, but you can take a plane that takes just 45 minutes. Don’t worry if you find chickens and other funny animals in your flight!

I have to tell you that Indonesia is a must-see place even if you don’t surf. The night life is really intense and the Indonesian people are very friendly. The country is not dangerous (although some religious and separatist groups continue to exist and localised violence can occur).

Rent a motorbike and discover the beautiful beaches of Bali! Is the best tip I can give to you! Teremakasi Indonesia!