Aruba, it has been a while since I have been there but last week I was looking at the pictures we made during this holiday and I thought: I have to go back ASAP – obviously a good reason to share my experiences and convince you guys why you should be as enthusiastic about this Island, just like me ..

Naturally every sunlight, warmth and ocean-loving creature loves the images of white beaches, palmtrees and the bounty looking travel catalogues. If you are satisfied with that kind of scenery, Aruba is the place to go. The Island could be described as paradise on earth. It provides everything you need; sun, fun, beachlife, nightlife and adventure.

The best part of the Island, each and every resident is layed back. Easy going, relaxed, manana are the keyword to describe the residents. And the best part, they were able to reflect that way of living to people like me. I was actually able to relax and do nothing and be totally pleasant about it. The people of Aruba have a really nice attitude. It is a “you should do what feels right, right now” culture. So the western habits faded just like the sun melts the ice, I was zen after the first couple of hours being on the Island. WOW!


Active life on Aruba

My holiday wishes can be divided in two types. I love to be lazy, relaxed and just enjoy the sun, good company, the ocean, great food and drinks. But I also enjoy traveling with some real action, adventure and a sporty kind of leisure time. If you like both, Aruba is just perfect. It provides both options.

There are several options for the active adventurers traveling to the island. The typical landlubbers can go mountainbiking, running and hiking, but my advice would be to do that before sunrise or at least noon. Cause the heat isn’t good for your health while being that active. The “hooiberg” is a nice hill to climb, if the weather is clear you can actually see Venezuela! During the day you can go explore the island on quats. Which I can recommend, cause it is a good way to discover this beautiful island. North of the Island is a wilder area where you can go and explore the coastline. There are beautiful beaches and meadows to stop, have a picnic or cool down by going for a dip in the ocean. The middle of the Island has wild life and nature that is worthwhile to discover.

When you love the ocean, just like me, you can do all sorts of activities. You can go scubadiving, Stand-Up-Paddelboarding, jetski riding, kitesurfing or just go snorkling for starfish.. (they do have starfish.. awesome)
I also recommend to visit different beaches everyday. There are so many lovely beaches to discover! Baby, Eagle, Harashi and Boca beach are really amazing! Don’t stay in the resorts, go explore!

Nightlife Aruba:

Fancy a drink, a laugh and a dance, I recommend to start your night at Moomba beach! They serve the best cocktails and it is a lovely place to watch the sunset, while you enjoy happy hour! Have a bite and make sure you have enough food in your stomach for your next stop, Gusto. Gusto is more of a fancy kind of bar which is the place to be for a good party! It is located at Palm Beach Boulevard. A not so fancy bar but a real good bar if you want to feel like you are on high school again, is Señor Frogs! It has a spring break, girl and boys gone wild, kind of vibe.. They serve people shots at the bar, and also from belly buttons, and Señor Frogs even serve customers shots while they are hung upside down to the ceiling. I am not kidding!

Restaurants in Aruba:

Do you want to have an intimate, romantic dinner? Go to one of the many restaurants located at the beach. There are way too many lovely places to go. I won’t bore you with all of them but I do want to share my favorite restaurant: Old man and the sea. I seriously LOVED that place. Cute little lights, couches and beds on the beach. Really romantic and really good food! The fish is freshly made, caught at sea that afternoon and served on your plate that same day. Another place I really recommend is Marandi. Now-a-days called Arubaville. Also a fancy place but located on a deck in the middle of the ocean. You can actually see the fish swim underneath you.

Aruba has it all! Just go visit Aruba, you will definitely not regret it.



Baby Beach
Eagle Beach
Harashi Beach
Boca Beach

Old man and the Sea
Marandi / Arubaville
Moomba Beach

Booking your flight / good deals:
KLM Werelddeal weken

Must see:
De hooiberg
Divi Divi trees on Eagle

Driving Quads
Stand up paddle
One day All-in at RIU Palace