Aloha Hawaii! The oceanic surroundings, the diverse natural scenery, the abundance of public beaches, the warm tropical climate, and the active volcanoes make Hawaii a popular destination for around 7 million tourist per year. The amount of tourists is almost 5 times the population of this North American State! I don’t need to tell you this place is paradise for surfers, kitesurfers, divers, paddle surfers, and nautical sports lovers.

I’ve visited this amazing place and had the chance to visit three islands of this wonderful archipelago: Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. Beside the proximity, these three islands look different and have specific and awesome activities to do!

Oahu is the most developed area of Hawaii. It looks more like a big city full of highways and big buildings. When you get closer to Honolulu and Waikiki beach, it is easy to recognize the impact of tourism in that region. Thousands of people originated from every corner of the world. Honolulu is like an open air shopping center with the biggest worldwide famous brands and fancy restaurants in every corner. As soon you get out of the crowd, riding less than a hour away, you start seeing the natural part of this island. North Shore is just incredible with the famous beaches of Waimea, Sunset and Pipeline. I was lucky to arrive there when a big swell was coming in! Pipeline looks like a stadium full of people sitting in the sand and watching the professional surfers riding the waves!

Kauai is the opposite of Oahu! Famous by its nature, it is also very beautiful but quiet place. The Waimea Canyon is beautiful to visit and there are very good spots to surf in the island’s northern beaches. But you might be careful with the sharks around!

Maui was my favorite island! It is a kind of mix of nature and development. Haleakala Crater is a great place to visit if you like volcanoes and hiking. Diving in the Molokini Crater is also a great experience! It is a volcano inside the water. On the way to the crater you can pass by humpback whales junping next to your boat! Just amazing! And a bit scary too! The kite surf is always fun in Kite Beach, close to the airport, and if you are looking for an advanced level you can find it in Hookipa, world class spot for windsurf.

Hawaii is a beautiful piece of US lost in the Oceania continent. Really a must-go-again spot! I extremely recommend the trip. The long distance flights are worth it. Aloha means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy in the Hawaiian language. You can find all that in those beautiful islands!