Yesterday Joyce and I had a taste of “vintage” in Eindhoven. We did not know how vintage would taste but we can tell you: it is good!

Before we skip it to dinner, I want to give you a little history about the restaurants location, De Kerkstraat. This street is located in downtown Eindhoven and wasn’t really a nice street to go to. There was only one really nice clothing shop, but when they decided to move to another location it became the most boring street ever…

For a long time there wasn’t much to do in that area, until a bunch of hospitality investors decided to invest in that tiny little street. A lot of restaurants and bars started their businesses and after years of being the most deserted place in Eindhoven, it turned out to be: The new place to be!

So we went to the restaurant that goes by the name of “Vintage” which is located in a typical old Dutch building. The restaurant has industrial elements because of its decoration combined with wood that gives a luxurious feel. They manage to maintain that luxurious feel in their dishes. I really loved the food!

For a starter I had a neck of lamb (with Jerusalem artichoke, asparagus and wasabi mayonnaise). The combination of these flavors is really good! The main course was just as amazing! I went for the Beef tenderloin (with beef croquette, roasted vegetables and gravy of rosemary). For desert I had fresh yogurt curds with lemon sherbet and meringue. For me, that was a little bit of heaven. They blended it with my childhood memories by adding Pop Rocks. AWESOME!

The only thing that I can think of that can be a downside, is the love for asparagus the restaurant has. Off all the starters and main courses they serve 8 out of 13 containing asparagus. So if you really don’t like asparagus… I would wait for the new menu before you go 😉

Conclusion: I really like this place. They serve good food and give you a luxurious feel while dining. So have a taste of Vintage and enjoy!


For the menu, check their website:

Danielle & Joyce