About Martine

Nice to meet you! I am Martine and I was born and raised in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I would describe myself as a grounded (dutch: brabants boerenverstand) and easy going person that loves to laugh. I am a good listener and truly believe in giving, helping and being honest. I highly value integrity, trust and truthfulness. I am very independent, and I don’t mind spending time alone, but even a loner like me needs friends! Also I love to cook and I like food (a lot), as well as wine and a good strong coffee. I try to balance this love for food out by working out regularly and eating healthy, most of the time. I love to explore and travel, meet new people and discover new things. I play a little bit of golf (and sometimes caddy for my man). I tend to think and wonder, a lot, about random things that I come across or ideas and projects and people that I find interesting… To take my mind off things I like to play the violin or paint/draw (note to self: should do this more often). I don’t think of myself as a girly girl at heart, but I wouldn’t want to be a boy either. Oh, and I love dogs! Currently I live in a lovely small town city down in the south of the Netherlands: Maastricht. I moved here to study, but never left after graduating…

My all-time favorite quote is “Everybody shines, given the right lighting” (Susan Cain). I really believe every individual person has the ability to bring beauty to this world, everyone in their own unique way! I am interested in human behavior, learning and development. I enjoy to read about and meet inspiring people, both in my work and private life. With my background in Psychology and Learning Sciences I’ve already come a long way, but there is so much more to learn and discover. Also for me personally, my life is about learning continuously, and also having fun while exploring!

In my blogs I will definitely share my journey about how you can develop yourself as an individual and work towards your goals, career wise and life wise. Also I will probably write about inspiring people and ideas and projects related to this. However, there may also appear some blog posts about my life as a fun loving and eating individual looking for a balanced life herself, who wonders a lot about random phenomena, buys cool stuff and stumbles across beautiful places.

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