About Loes

When asked about why she blogs, Loes laughs out loud and says: ‘I think I dream too big.’  She always tries to keep in mind that “one should shoot for the moon! So even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. Altough for Loes, it’s kindness and hard work with a positive mind that make the difference in life.

Thirtysomething, jurist, strongly socially engaged by excersing a local political mandate. She’s a believer! Especially in the power of people who unite and work together. That’s the main reason why she is always busy. There’s always an ongoing project! And there’s always a reason to start a new one! Loes lives in Lommel, which she names the most wonderful city in the world to call home. She loves traveling though, particularly to catch some big city air. You can probally call her a serious girl, but she really is too wild at heart to be earnest all the time. Here on Milk & Sugar you can read about her various experiences with the endless beauty of life, in all its forms. Life is about getting inspired, always, every time again, over and over again.

She just loves… 

weekend newspapers, coffee (milk, no sugar!), running, the perfect outfit, Lucas, big cities, meeting new inspiring people, chocolate, perfect stolen moments, Narciso Rodriguez for Her, Borgen (best tv-series ever! Birgitte rules!), and brunch on an endless sunday morning…

Dreaming… BIG!

Of running a marathon, New York, the perfect walk-in closet (true, sounds a bit too SATC!), “Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love”, one extra (free!) 8th day in a week, a beautiful horse in her own perfect garden, and a mini-me (someday)…

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