About Lizette

I try to live my live according to a fortune cookie I once cracked open. It said, ‘The best times of your life have not yet been lived.” From then on it became my life motto.

Lizette ♥ festivals

I absolutely love music festivals. Usually a large part of my summer exists at festivals. My fascination for festival adventure started at a young age. My first festival was Lowlands, at the age of 15. A truly incredible experience! I was hooked immediately. Since then I’ve been lucky to add some new ones to the list. Next on my festival bucket list: Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary!

Lizette  ♥ travelling

I never used to travel that much until a few years ago, when I experienced how joyful travelling can be. Discovering the world…it has so many beautiful places. In a short period of time I’ve added some incredible country stamps to my passport: Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica…

Lizette  ♥ food

A girl needs to eat. It’s as simple as that. Most of the time, people are called foodies, because of their love for experimental food or fancy dining. Me, I love to go out for a fancy dinner. Discovering new foods, orgasmic taste explosions, unusual food techniques…yes please!

Lizette  ♥ daily life

Festivals, food and travelling are not cheap. In fact, they cost a ridiculous amount of money. And that brings me to the daily life I live: making money as an online marketing coordinator at an international company. The job I love. Living the good life in Breda. The city I love. Enjoying the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing with Marcel. The man I love.

Remember: the best times of your life have not yet been lived!

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