About Liz

“I truly believe that beauty comes from within” – is my life motto.  That heart and soul deep glowing beauty comes from when we start to nourish our bodies with good wholesome food, it brings with it happiness and then you will see yourself shine!

My name is Liz and I am a photographer of fabulous women who are embracing their beauty.  I love to inspire women to create extraordinary lives and to love themselves unconditionally.  And as a lover of powerfood and wellness from the inside out, I will be bringing you yummy recipes that will give you that gorgeous glow!

And for a little more scoop about me!

  • A girl from “Down Under” who lived in Hamburg for 7 years and yes, to the surprise of all the Germans I loved it there!
  • Currently living in the fabulous London!
  • I dance my heart out every day around the house as if it’s my job to do so.
  • My best friends call me Lizzard.
  • I have the most amazing man who I love all up to bits, who still makes me go weak at the knees and who has seriously the best baking skills! EVER!
  • I am addicted to juicing.  It’s probably beyond addiction now.  It’s me and my slow juicer (and my babe!).
  • I can’t sing.  I wish I could, but I can’t.  When I do, seriously, the dogs next door start barking!
  • Despite my love for gorgeous high heeled shoes, I wish I could wear flip flops every day.
  • I spend more time at the gym socializing than actually doing any sport.
  • I love a good Sunday brunch and I can’t miss it.  It’s my Sunday Church.
  • YOGA, YOGA, YOGA and some more YOGA
  • Paris – my hands down absolute favorite city in the world!  And living there was just divine!!

Love to hear from you!

Liz xx