About Justa

“Practice what you preach” is my life motto, as many of us don’t do – I believe the world starts with yourself; look at what you can bring instead of pointing at others.

Learn to appreciate the small things in life – which is easier said than done. “Dare to make mistakes and learn from them rather than trying to be perfect,” a wise man once said to me.

Justa is crazy about…

… fab pictures

Recently started studying in photography at the Fotovakschool. I will also be taking pictures for this blog.

… unexplained brainwaves

Do I need to say more?

… efficient online shopping

A girl loves to do her shopping…but this one doesn’t love to spend her entire weekend in stores (with the wrong light..and the wrong outfit). So thank God for online shopping baskets!

… new culinairy creations

Love to walk through the supermarket and throw ingredients into my shopping basket and see what I fix.

… a dry sense of humor

Good sex or a good laugh? Boy, that’s a tough one. (Did I just make you smile?)

… my cute Frenchies

These two are the funniest creatures on the planet. They are like two little pigs with fur.

… my little crazy family

With only my mom and brother, I am lucky to not have to attend that many family birthday’s – bless.

… And my downloaded but true love

If I could have found him earlier online – like that little black dress – I would have paid double for what he is worth (I know, I can be corny too).

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