About Danielle

Danielle is a Dutch girl, 29-years-old and born in Eindhoven, which is located in the south of the Netherlands. She still lives in Eindhoven with her Viking boyfriend, Rik. He is actually from the Netherlands as well, but during their travels people get confused because of his Scandinavian look. Danielle studied BA Communications (Management), specializing in Public Relations during her study abroad in the United States and now works as an account manager. Next to her full-time job she’s a sports instructor and teaches Spinning (RPM) and Club Power, and does some modeling in-between when she is available.

She can be described as a sporty young woman with an addiction for fashion. She finds it important to live healthy and has the ambition to become a world traveller. She lives by her motto: “you only live once”.  She loves spending summer nights with her friends and family with a good glass of wine, shopping, traveling, festivals and photography. In her blogs you will mostly read about her personal experiences and  interests. Themes that can be expected: fashion, traveling, festivals, lifestyle, sports, health and food..

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