Culinary Delights

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Nectar of the gods

When I became a vegetarian about two years ago, I chose - besides having less cruelty in my plate- to lead a healthy and balanced diet. My day-to-day included industrialized dairy, full of sugars and fats. Despite not having abandoned the consumption of dairy products and eggs, whenever I do consume them they must be organic and from animals bred free. But [...]

Spices - Turmeric

According to Ayurveda, which is an ancient Indian medicine, spices have a very important role in maintaining our balance. They have strong healing powers as well as impart flavors and of course, they smell wonderful! What happens is, that many people do not know how to use them, what the benefits are or how to prepare them with food. With this in mind, I de[...]

Beauty Tips door visagisten- part 3

December zat vol met feestjes, dinertjes, wijntjes en gezelligheid! Zo veel gezelligheid dat ons vaste item, Beauty tips door visagisten, er even bij in is geschoten. Echter in 2016 gaan we dit item gewoon weer maandelijks voortzetten. Zoals altijd: beautytips, niet van mij maar van de professionals. Deze maand zet ik de tips van Amira centraal en zij deelt [...]