Culinary Delights

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Kokos - yoghurt - citroen muffins

Het is niet altijd makkelijk om een gezond en lekker tussendoortje te vinden. Daarom probeer ik minimaal 1 keer per week iets te maken waar ik een paar dagen guilty free van kan genieten. Dit weekend maakte ik deze overheerlijke kokos - yoghurt - citroen muffins! Ze zijn makkelijk, gezond en super lekker! Ik gebruikte voor dit recept een muffinbakvorm maa[...]

Which outfit?

Today my post will unite many of my daily passions. For about eight years I have worked as a model. Whenever I got the chance I always tried to reconcile my activities in the fashion world with a passion that began in childhood, classic ballet. And for about two years I started practicing Yoga, then my life took other paths and today I dedicate most of my ti[...]

The journey of Yoga

In the journey of Yoga we often question our daily practice. Especially when we start working on harder postures, which put us in physical and mental discomfort situation. Our breathing becomes irregular, the mind asks us why we are there and our body complains to pain. It is exactly at this point (which can come at different times for each individual) that [...]