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Chaos met OK-vrouwen en rationele liefde

Ze blijft hangen. Zelfs na twee weken maalt de reportagereeks van de krant De Morgen over OK-vrouwen in mijn hoofd. Eigenlijk kwamen ze zelfs hard binnen, die allemaal andere maar toch ook gelijklopende levenslopen. Ongewild Kinderloze vrouwen. Niet omdat zwanger worden lichamelijk niet lukt. Nee, because time flies and life catches up with you. Het zet een [...]

Grounded in intention, lifting to gratitude - Why Yoga?

All my life I've been involved in some type of physical activity, most of the time dancing. I have a classical education, experienced many other genres (jazz, contemporary, tap ...) and I've also done swimming, fitness, gymnastics, circus trial lesson and... well, better stop here. Without really knowing how or why I came to my first yoga class and knew it w[...]

Fit, fitter, fittest: Fitness Instagram Accounts to follow!

In my last blog I wrote about the Victoria’s Secret models and how to set your own fitness goals. In this blog I want to provide you with some Fitness Instagram accounts of real fit, good shaped, healthy women to follow. These Fitness Instagram posts might inspire you during your own workout! @KAYLA_ITSINES She is an Australian girl, who cares about a heal[...]