Culinary Delights

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Dinacharya - conscious daily habits

To Ayurveda - a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India - food is life, nourishes body, soul and spirit and nourishing yourself is much more than just eating food. To ayurveda everything we eat, hear, see, feel, speak and inhale is food. So you must have noticed that you may eat well, but you may not feed [...]

My 50 days of Green Happiness

Na het zien van het programma 3onderzoekt, waarin Tessa en Merel, Anne-Mar in 6 weken een Victoria Secret body beloven, was mijn interesse in het Green Happiness programma toch wel erg groot :-D. 50 dagen groen eten kan toch niet zo moeilijk zijn? Niets is minder waar... Na het ontvangen van het boek, kwam ik er al snel achter dat het een veganistische lifes[...]

Diary Danielle: 12 weeks of Kayla's BBG

Week 7: Last week I wrote about the fact that I have to take it easy with the Kayla BBG Program and that part hasn’t changed so far. I still have my injuries even when I slowed down with exercising last week. I did one our of spinning on Monday, one hour of Bodypump on Thursday and on Friday I did 45 minutes of cardio in the gym. I actually felt lazy after[...]