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Photo to Fashion by La Esperanza by Anna

'La Esperanza by Anna' opent samen met de Vascobelo V-bar een vestiging in Eindhoven! Koffie, kunst en mode worden hierbij samengebracht. 'La Esperanza by Anna' verzegelt namelijk de band tussen de mode en de kunst waarbij Vascobelo iedereen voorziet van een heerlijk kopje koffie. De Vascobelo V-bar is echter meer dan een koffiebar. Het is een chique[...]

Which outfit?

Today my post will unite many of my daily passions. For about eight years I have worked as a model. Whenever I got the chance I always tried to reconcile my activities in the fashion world with a passion that began in childhood, classic ballet. And for about two years I started practicing Yoga, then my life took other paths and today I dedicate most of my ti[...]

Dating a Gym Rat: This is What Happens…

I’ve been lucky enough to have found a boyfriend that is very dedicated - not only to me, but mostly to the gym, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle! I get a lot of questions about this from my family and friends. Does he eat normal? Do I also eat like he does? Does he eat strange things? How much time does he spend in the gym? What does he train? Why i[...]