Culinary Delights

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Health Challenge #1

How blogging with a bunch of models and health nuts has inspired me to not be a slob. For a week anyway. Anyone who has navigated over to Milk & Sugar’s author biographies will see that this blog boasts a number of beautiful, healthy, and, let’s be real, hot bod bloggers. I, on the other hand, am over here just eating a hamburger with a side of pizza. I[...]

People come, People go. The best will stay.

Travelling around has incredible benefits to people’s growing and spirit renovation. Living abroad is like having intensive life lessons every day.  Maybe living in your birthplace you would take much longer to realize or perhaps you’d never had it. While you are constantly learning new stuff, meeting new people and renovating your believes, the life abroad [...]

Chaos met OK-vrouwen en rationele liefde

Ze blijft hangen. Zelfs na twee weken maalt de reportagereeks van de krant De Morgen over OK-vrouwen in mijn hoofd. Eigenlijk kwamen ze zelfs hard binnen, die allemaal andere maar toch ook gelijklopende levenslopen. Ongewild Kinderloze vrouwen. Niet omdat zwanger worden lichamelijk niet lukt. Nee, because time flies and life catches up with you. Het zet een [...]