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Your Go-To Snapchat Guide

Once only newsworthy for it's cringeworthy reputation as a teen sexting platform, Snapchat is now the main social media bea for your BFs, BFFs, and favorite brands, bloggers., and even news outlets. There's a reason the company is valued at $16 billion and now we have your comprehensive Snapchat guide to break down everything you need to [...]

Killerbody under construction

Na mijn Kayla uitdaging en vele uren in de sportschool dacht ik het nu eens anders aan te pakken en daarom stapte ik binnen bij een personal trainer. Ik moet en zal één keer in mijn leven een sixpack hebben! Wim, mijn personal trainer, raadde mij aan om twee keer per week bij hem te komen trainen, streng op mijn voeding te letten en nog één uur zelf te train[...]

Grounded in intention, lifting to gratitude - Why Yoga?

All my life I've been involved in some type of physical activity, most of the time dancing. I have a classical education, experienced many other genres (jazz, contemporary, tap ...) and I've also done swimming, fitness, gymnastics, circus trial lesson and... well, better stop here. Without really knowing how or why I came to my first yoga class and knew it w[...]