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Cassino Beach - Surf, Kitesurf & SUP Spot

Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis or northern beaches are normally places that spring to someone's mind when thinking about Brazilians beaches. Of course, those are really beautifull places that you can find in any travel agency's catalogue. In this first post I would like to present a very special but not that famous spot in Brazil - even for Brazilians. This p[...]

Hardlopen voor dummies

Iedereen doet het: hardlopen. Als het een beetje mooi weer is, zie je hordes hardlopers uit de bosjes springen. Alsof ze zitten te wachten tot de eerste loper zo dapper is om zijn gezicht te laten zien. Ook ik doe alweer mee aan de hype. Alweer? Ja, alweer? Zo’n drie jaar geleden was ik ook verknocht aan hardlopen. Drie keer in de week de hardloopschoentjes[...]

Set Sail

If there's one thing we need to do in this life, it is to raise the anchor and set sail; get out of our comfort zone and rediscover the feeling of being with the new, with nature, with the simple. That was the script of my weekend, sailing at Guaiba and seeing the city I live in from another angle. Even without the sea, Porto Alegre provides us the possibil[...]