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Diary Danielle: 12 weeks of Kayla's BBG

Week 7: Last week I wrote about the fact that I have to take it easy with the Kayla BBG Program and that part hasn’t changed so far. I still have my injuries even when I slowed down with exercising last week. I did one our of spinning on Monday, one hour of Bodypump on Thursday and on Friday I did 45 minutes of cardio in the gym. I actually felt lazy after[...]

People come, People go. The best will stay.

Travelling around has incredible benefits to people’s growing and spirit renovation. Living abroad is like having intensive life lessons every day.  Maybe living in your birthplace you would take much longer to realize or perhaps you’d never had it. While you are constantly learning new stuff, meeting new people and renovating your believes, the life abroad [...]

Vershal Het Veem - Eindhoven

Vershal 'Het Veem' heeft afgelopen weekend zijn deuren geopend. Ze noemen het nog proefdraaien. Aangezien nog niet alle ruimtes gevuld zijn, zijn ze nog niet helemaal klaar maar tijdens de Dutch Design Week zijn de ondernemers die stonden te popelen alvast begonnen! En het oefenen ging goed! Er waren mega veel bezoekers. Tevens door de vele activeiten die af[...]