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I dream big!

I dream big! En dat is meteen de basis van alles wat ik doe in het leven. I truly believe one should shoot for the moon! So even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! Vrouw en thirtysomething sinds kort, juriste, met een sterk engagement en met een politiek mandaat. I’m a believer! Vooral dan in de kracht van mensen, zeker als ze samenwerken. Ik ben da[...]

Morocco Diversity - Surf, Kitesurf and Camel ride!

Morocco is located in the very north zone of the African’s continent. The place has a grand diversity of activities to do! Last New Year’s eve I had the chance to experience a great moment celebrating it in the Sahara Desert with a big group from all around the world. After a busy and annoying time in Marrakech, we’ve gone through the mountains of Morocco an[...]

People come, People go. The best will stay.

Travelling around has incredible benefits to people’s growing and spirit renovation. Living abroad is like having intensive life lessons every day.  Maybe living in your birthplace you would take much longer to realize or perhaps you’d never had it. While you are constantly learning new stuff, meeting new people and renovating your believes, the life abroad [...]