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How the moral compass gets twisted in Asia

Ask yourself; if you would get away with murder, would you consider killing someone? I’m willing to bet that everyone has entertained the thought of taking someone’s life at least once in their lifetime. I’m not saying these are serious thoughts put into action - only few people actually murder someone- but our minds can dwell into dark places sometimes and [...]

Vershal Het Veem - Eindhoven

Vershal 'Het Veem' heeft afgelopen weekend zijn deuren geopend. Ze noemen het nog proefdraaien. Aangezien nog niet alle ruimtes gevuld zijn, zijn ze nog niet helemaal klaar maar tijdens de Dutch Design Week zijn de ondernemers die stonden te popelen alvast begonnen! En het oefenen ging goed! Er waren mega veel bezoekers. Tevens door de vele activeiten die af[...]

The journey of Yoga

In the journey of Yoga we often question our daily practice. Especially when we start working on harder postures, which put us in physical and mental discomfort situation. Our breathing becomes irregular, the mind asks us why we are there and our body complains to pain. It is exactly at this point (which can come at different times for each individual) that [...]